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Osmo Oils

Osmo oils provide everything that you need for your home and garden. Interior and exterior wood finishes designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of timber with ranges of colour and clear oil wood finishes.

This includes the world renowned Osmo Polyx oil, the leading clear hardwax oil for finishing internal timber, including wooden floors.

These innovative interior and exterior oils were first developed by Osmo over 40 years ago. They are micro-porous and produced from natural oils and waxes which allow the timber to breathe, reducing the risk of wood swelling or shrinking.

The vegetable oils are purified and refined, producing a wood oil finish that enhances the timber, accentuates the wood grain, and provides a beautiful lustre that hardens as it cures to provide a durable finish.

The quality of Osmo oils is such that they all have exceptional coverage rates. Often, these are double the rates of conventional finishing systems because Osmo oils are always applied with a thin coat, unlike many traditional oils that work by saturation.

Osmo oils do not need to be sanded between coats, or when renovating or topping up the oil for maintenance. Simply clean and re-oil.

Good for Wood, People, and the Planet

Osmo oil is good for wood, people, and the planet. Allowing the timber to breathe means that the timber can absorb and release moisture without damage and leaves the wood with an anti-static surface which attracts less dirt and dust.

The top surface of the wood absorbs the Osmo oil which hardens the top layer of the timber, preventing wear. Once dry, Osmo wood finish
products are safe for humans, animals & plants and can even be used on children’s toys.

Osmo Esco

Osmo UK have teamed up with Esco Oak Flooring to offer a beautiful range of European Oak Floors which are made in Europe and finished with the world renowned Osmo Polyx Oil Hardwax finishes. You can see more here