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About Elka

Elka Flooring

When you select a floor from Elka, you are hand-picking unparalleled quality and practicality, in addition to the immense beauty and unrivalled luxury. Elka has a truly gorgeous variety of flooring styles and materials to choose from, and the perfect flooring solution can undoubtedly be found for every individual. Elka offers incredible variety with its stunning ranges which include the Solid Wood Floor collection, the Real Wood Engineered selection, the Luxury Vinyl range, and an array of Laminate Flooring options.
Rest assured that the wish for the desired backdrop to any interior decoration scheme, from the traditional and classic to the more contemporary and minimalistic, can be fulfilled by Elka.

Elka’s Impressive Ranges

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is designed to effortlessly invite a glimpse of the natural world into any selected room within your home. The high-grade hardwood that is sourced for the solid wood selection from Elka assures incredible hardiness and excellent durability and stability which contributes to its significant lifespan.
This impressive durability allows for outstanding longevity, meaning your floor can please for generations to come, it is no surprise that solid wood boards continue to be a highly popular option when selecting a style of flooring.
For added peace of mind, the authentic, solid oak range is PEFC® certified as it has only been harvested from sustainable sources, allowing you to feel confident that you are supporting ethically managed forests when you select a solid wood floor from the Elka collection.

Elka Engineered Wood Flooring

The offerings of Elka’s Real Wood Engineered Flooring collection are also able to boast a remarkable lifespan, due to their incredible level of strength. You can therefore feel confident that you will receive true value for money when you select an engineered board from Elka.

Whilst engineered flooring has similarities to a solid wood board, it has been constructed with a top layer of hardwood and at least three layers of real wood which have been arranged in opposing directions. This engineered flooring design results in exceptional dimensional stability reducing the expansion and contraction across the wood floor.
The extensive range of engineered planks are varied enough to suit any tastes, no matter how unique and eccentric. There are examples of wonderfully luxurious and refined boards, as realised with the Copper Oak floor and the Russet Oak board, as well as truly individual colour palettes found in boards such as the Winter Oak and the Autumn Oak. Both those who have curated a classic aesthetic, and those who love their more contemporary vibe, will find a real wood engineered floor that will absolutely complement their home.

Additionally, the freedom to lay these boards over a vast range of residential spaces is increased due to the compatibility of these engineered planks with modern embedded underfloor heating systems.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring by Elka brings the gorgeous and popular aesthetic of a real wood floor, yet with significant extra benefits. Firstly, a luxury vinyl floor can be placed in a greater range of spaces, such as bathrooms, due to its noteworthy waterproof quality. The sealed upper layer of luxury vinyl flooring also makes this type of flooring solution wonderfully resilient as it is scratch-resistant, and can withstand heavy footfall, meaning that this cost-effective flooring can retain its beautiful appearance for an impressively long duration. This increases your value for money even further.

Luxury vinyl floors are also beneficial as they insulate sound and therefore are quiet underfoot, as well as being cushioned. Luxury vinyl additionally boasts the advantage of providing warmth, and with their utilisation of the innovative Uniclic® installation design, they are wonderfully quick and simple to fit. This makes the installation of a luxury vinyl floor, which does not necessitate adhesive, the ideal task for even the DIY enthusiast to undertake.

Laminate Flooring

Elka offers a brilliant range of laminate flooring options to select from, with a remarkable variety of designs which will truly breathe new life into any room within your home.
The laminate floors are composed of a transparent overlay which has the benefit of providing protection to the surface of the flooring in the face of the impact caused by busy everyday household living. Beneath this is where the gorgeous design layer can be found which will complement your interior furnishings. This design layer sits above the high-density fibreboard which has the advantage of being moisture resistant, and below this is where the balancing board is found.
Laminate floors are wonderfully simple to maintain and do not require a complex and time-consuming cleaning routine. An occasional vacuum clean can be enough to keep the surface looking beautiful and fresh.

Welcoming the Beauty of the Natural World Inside

Flooring solutions that are bursting with character are becoming increasingly popular when individuals are selecting their desired floor, and it is not difficult to understand why this is. The authentic aesthetic of real wood flooring is a style that does not fail to impress. Fortunately, the flooring options from Elka are incredibly characteristic and will truly infuse charm and warmth into any selected room within the home.

The genuine wood options available from Elka showcase the very best that nature has to offer. Many of the boards are gorgeously peppered with organic character markings. These include filled cracks and splits, distinctive burls, sapwood and mineral streaks, which are accentuated when the board has undergone treatment, and live knots and also dead knots, which have been repaired using filler. All of these examples only serve to increase the character that the board has to offer.
Take a look at the Elka Nature Hand Sawn Oak floor for a truly unique kind of oak wooden floor.

Elka’s Luxury Vinyl and Laminate flooring options have also been designed to demonstrate that you can achieve the inspiring beauty of nature, at a cost-effective price. Thus, you can rest assured that, whichever Elka range you decide to select from, you can invite the vision of nature into your home.

Caring for Our Environment

Elka understands and appreciates the immeasurable importance of safeguarding our planet’s finite resources for all, including both current and future generations, and therefore will only harvest natural raw materials that come from sources that utilise sustainable, and ethical, methods, in order to produce their flooring range. It is this caring philosophy, that places the importance of the environment and people at its heart, which has led to the impressive achievement of more than half of their product selection being Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC®), certified. PEFC® is a respected global alliance leading the way in supporting and promoting the sustainable and responsible management of forests. Therefore, this certification is only awarded to those products that have been sourced ethically and whilst respecting the rights of the indigenous peoples. It is also guaranteed that saplings are planted to replace the trees which have been harvested. This certification allows you peace of mind when selecting a PEFC® product from the diverse range from Elka.
It is always made certain that any products that do not carry this certification have been cultivated from sources that are strictly managed appropriately.
Additionally, greatly increasing the efficiency of production whilst significantly reducing waste as much as possible is of upmost priority to Elka. Thus, they have manufactured a complex production facility that makes use of every single vital resource whilst cutting waste.
Rest assured that you are supporting and caring for our planet when you select a beautiful flooring option by Elka.

What is the best flooring for the money?

Elka Flooring offers top value for money. With one of the best oak flooring ranges, Elka floors provide a superb choice of wood flooring across the range to suit all budgets and tastes.

How good is Elka Flooring?

Elka floors are made by Unilin in the same factory as their leading QuickStep Flooring brand. Unilin are a pioneering and highly respected supplier of solid, engineered, LVT and laminate flooring which are sold across the globe. Oakwoods are happy to recommend Elka Flooring to all of their trade flooring and retail clients.

What is the best wood for flooring?

There are a few main wood species used for flooring wood including walnut, beech, cherry, maple and ash but by dar the most popular is Oak. Oak is harvested in sustainable forests and is readily available and competitively priced. It is a extremely durable hardwood which is renowned for its hard wearing properties an aesthetic appeal. Oak wood flooring stains and finishes provide for a huge range of choice of styles including patterns, colours, tones, treatments and textures.