What is Golden Oak Wood Flooring?

Golden Oak is the colour given to real wood floors that have been treated with a ‘clear’ Oil or Lacquer. Although rather misleadingly named ‘clear’, these finishes naturally turn Oak a golden yellow colour; a look synonymous with Wood Flooring.

How much is Golden Oak Wood Flooring?

The cost of Golden Oak Wood Floors varies greatly depending on the specification of the board. Longer and wider boards cost more than shorter, thinner planks. You can therefore expect to pay anywhere between £25-75m2.

Do you need underlay?

Real Wood Floors can be installed in a number of different ways namely: Floated, fully-bonded and nailed. Floated means the floor is installed on top of an underlay. Fully-bonded installations are where the wood is glued to your subfloor. This is the way most manufacturers will recommend you install your floor. Lastly, nailing requires specialist tools and expertise and can usually only be used on floor 18mm thick or more.

Can I install Golden Oak Flooring in a Kitchen or Bathroom?

In short, the answer is yes! The extra structurally rigidity Engineered Wood Floors provide over a more traditional solid construction, mean they can be installed in all of the environments mentioned above and more. However, extra care must be taken to ensure spillages are wiped up immediately as longer exposure to water will still cause major problems.