Natural solutions Wood Flooring

Furlong Wood Flooring

More About Furlong Flooring

Furlong Flooring provide a number of flooring options including Natural Solutions; high-quality wood flooring at extremely competitive prices. Here is a link to Furlong’s Website. 

What is Furlong Flooring?

Furlong Flooring provides a huge range of floor coverings and they separate the different product types into unique brands. Natural Solutions is the brand name given to its real wood and wood effect products.

How much does Natural Solutions Wood Flooring cost?

The cost of Natural Solutions flooring varies greatly depending on the specification of the board. Longer and wider boards cost more than shorter, thinner planks. You can, therefore, expect to pay anywhere between £25-75m2.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes! We provide up to five floor samples completely free of charge. Just click the ‘order sample’ button on any of the product pages and we’ll dispatch samples to you as soon as possible.