Osmo FloorXcenter

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Osmo FloorXcenter is a professional, but easy to use machine designed for intensive maintenance applications.

Osmo FloorXcenter is a professional, but easy to use machine designed for intensive maintenance applications.

Osmo FloorXcenter has a dispenser which enables the user to dispense the optimal amount of a pre-loaded cleaner, such as a mixture of Osmo Intensive Cleaner, without making the timber too wet. The FloorXcenter has a selection of pads that can fulfil a variety of functions such as cleaning, resurfacing, staining and maintaining wooden floors.

Green pad: For application of clear Osmo Polyx®-Oil 2K
Microfibre Pad: Intensive cleaning of dirt and moisture
Brushing Ring: Removal of stubborn stains
White Pad: Removal of everyday household dirt and stains and ideal for application of Osmo Oil Stain
Red Pad: Extreme cleaning – for removing especially tough stains, also ideal for sanding between coats.

  • Quick and efficient work
  • Very light in weight
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Various pads available for different functions
  • Eccentric rotation for consistency in application
  • Suitable for DIY and professional users
  • Supplied with White Pad and Microfibre Pad


  • With the right machines, even non-professionals can refurbish their own flooring. Many dealers offer their customers the possibility to rent the Osmo FloorXcenter. Although the purchase is worth it for all those whose flooring faces strong soiling or mechanical wear and tear.
  • For thorough and intensive cleaning of wooden floors, use with Osmo Intensive Cleaner.
  • Restoration of dull and worn flooring can easily be done by using with Osmo Maintenance Oil.
  • This machine is vital for applying coloured wood finishes to flooring such as Osmo Oil Stain.
  • FloorXcenter is appropriate for re-oiling wooden flooring with Osmo Polyx-Oil 2K.
Oil Type



14000240, 14000241, 14000242, 14000243, 14000244, 14000259


4006850456505, 4006850456512, 4006850456529, 4006850456536, 4006850456543, 4006850712939



Green Pad 330mm, Microfibre Pad 330mm, Red Brushing Ring 300mm, Red Pad 330mm, Single-Disc Machine, White Pad 330mm


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FloorXcenter - Operating Manual