The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC®, is an independent non-profit organisation whose mission is to ensure responsible management of the world’s forests. They ensure resources taken are sustainably sourced while simultaneously upholding workers rights and protecting them from exploitation. Their work is approved by some of the biggest environmental charities including WWF and Greenpeace. 

How does this affect the wood flooring industry? 

At Oakwoods we passionately believe in the preservation of the world’s natural resources and are committed to only using manufacturers with similar principles. Therefore, all of our wood floors are responsibly sourced to EUTR standards as a minimum, but FSC® certification on many of our products, including the Woodlands Eco Pro collection, take it a step further.

In order for a wood floor to be granted FSC® certification, it must have a comprehensive chain of custody. This means every company involved in the process from start to finish records extensive information and follows strict guidelines to ensure the practises and values of FSC® are upheld throughout.

This means that with FSC® certified floors, we can trace the timber all the way back to the tree it came from.

What does this mean for me? 

Keeping such stringent records ensures that: 

  • Large areas of Forest and rare animal or plant life is protected
  • Your wood floor will not attribute to the destruction of the world’s forests
  • Workers are trained and paid a fair wage
  • The mature trees selected to create your wood floor are replaced with multiple saplings to ensure forestry growth for future generations.

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