Here is a selection of our favourite Rustic Grade Wood Flooring. Everything from Traditional Golden Oak to extravagant Colour Stained Wood Floors. Rustic Grade, also known as Classic or Character Grade Flooring, features a very natural appearance with knots, streaks and cracks.

What is Rustic Grade Wood Flooring?

Among all the different grades for wood flooring, Rustic Flooring is the most natural in appearance. Rustic floorboards feature a larger number of knots, mineral streaks and cracks as well as a wider colour variation.

What are the grades of oak flooring?

Oak flooring can be graded and categorised by different names depending on the manufacturer. Rustic wooden floors are sometimes called Character Grade, but a more universal measurement is the lettering scale from A too D; A being the cleanest while D having the most knots and streaks etc. Most rustic wooden flooring feature planks which are C and D grade.

How much does Rustic Grade Flooring cost?

Rustic Grade Flooring is often much cheaper than cleaner grades such as Prime AB. This is because much more rustic C and D grade planks can be had from the raw lumber. Whereas A or B grade are more rare, so cost inherently more.

What is Classic Grade Flooring?

Classic grade flooring is another name some manufacturers give to their Rustic planks. Again, they usually contain C and D grade planks, but check the specification sheet or ask just to be sure. Another name some manufacturers use is ‘Character Grade’ which is usually also the same.

What is brushed oak flooring?

Brushed Floors as the name would suggest, are wire brushed to varying degrees before being finished. This accentuates the grain and texture of the wood, creating a very appealing surface to both look at and feel. When combined with a Rustic Grade floor, the natural texture is incredibly appealing.