Is Parquet Flooring real wood?

Like normal plank flooring, there is an ever-growing number of options when it comes to construction. Parquet traditionally was made of nothing other than your chosen wood species e.g. Oak. This solid construction has been phased out over recent years in favour of Engineered Parquet Flooring, which has a real wood top layer with a Plywood base. This gives the blocks extra structural stability meaning it can be installed with Underfloor heating and even in Kitchens and Bathrooms.

How much do Parquet floors cost?

The cost of Parquet Flooring varies greatly depending on the specification of the blocks. You can however normally expect to pay anywhere between £35 and £75m2. Bear in mind, that installation is more complex than plank flooring, so this may cost you more.

What wood is Parquet flooring?

Parquet is normally Oak. Either Solid blocks, which are 100% Oak, or Engineered which just feature a top layer of Oak with a plywood base. Other wood species are used e.g. Walnut and Laminate and LVT Parquet floors are becoming more popular.

Can you sand Parquet?

Yes, like all real wood floors, Parquet blocks can be sanded and re-finished. However, take care to ensure the top layer is thick enough for sanding i.e. if a 3mm Parquet floor has been sanded several times already, you may not be able to sand it again.