One of the reasons we’re able to pass on such huge savings to our customers is because Oakwoods do not offer a fitting service. We instead supply a huge range of options and advise customers to fit themselves if they’re competent DIYers, or source a local professional. Here are a few tips when it comes to finding and selecting a fitter. 

1 – A Quick Google Search

You’ll find several options right out of the gate with a quick Google search for phrases like ‘Wood Floor fitters near me’ or ‘Wood floor fitters near Sheffield’ for example. Take time to review their previous work and reviews if there are any.

Ensure you read their responses to any negative reviews as sometimes things do wrong, but what matters is how they put them right! 

2 – Facebook Recommendations

If you have a Facebook account, you can quickly and easily publish a status with the ‘looking for recommendation’ feature. It’s very quick and you’d be amazed just how many people in your network know and can happily recommend a fitter. Most fitters that end up being tagged into your post, will have a Facebook page with reviews and pictures and can be messaged quickly on Facebook. 

3 – Directories And Other Websites

There is a huge number of websites nowadays that all offer a similar service; giving tradesmen profiles in which they can share reviews, photos and contact info. Similar to Facebook, you can quickly check up on their latest work and images to see if they’re trustworthy and capable of performing your installation. You can also try the NICF Directory (linked below). 

NICF directory

Other Tips

Get Multiple Estimates

Once you’ve found a few different fitters and had initial conversations with them you’ll almost certainly have a favourite; maybe because of their reviews or just that gut feeling you’ve got from talking to them. But it’s important to get multiple estimates, at least two, but a minimum of three ideally. This not only makes sure your getting good value for money, but it also gives you a chance to vet the fitters more thoroughly on site.

Know Your Stuff

We know that if you’re not a competent DIYer a Flooring installation can seem daunting. However, it’s important to read through the manufacturer’s installation instructions before your fitter visits. Not only can you come up with a few questions for your fitter, but they may also say something that will ring alarm bells. For instance, they may make no mention of the acclimatisation period and look to install right after the flooring is delivered. If you’ve read the installation instructions, you’ll know this is a terrible idea and can quiz them further or ultimately rule them out.

Subfloor Prep

Most fitters will give you a quote based on your subfloor being ready to go. Damaged subfloors or moisture in new screeds can both increase cost and or delay your project. Again, it’s important to thoroughly read the installation instructions and know what the requirements are. Your fitter will be able to advise further if you’re not sure and will have tools such as moisture meters etc.

Don’t Always Go With The Cheapest

Once you’ve received your quotes, the temptation is to go with the cheapest one. This isn’t a bad thing in of itself, but only if the fitter checks all the other boxes. If your first choice is more expensive, be honest with them and share the cheaper quotes to see if they’re able to come down at all.