Beautiful, natural flooring that is kind to our planet

At Oakwoods, we are committed to providing only the most responsibly sourced hardwood products in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

One common misconception associated with the hardwood flooring industry is that it is a primary cause of deforestation. However, Oakwoods products are solely sourced from purposely farmed forests, which prioritise the environment in their management. This means that only mature trees are chosen to be harvested, and for every individual tree that is felled, multiple saplings are planted for the future generation.

Additionally, Oakwoods strives to have a low carbon footprint, and we are always looking for new ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact further. In many cases of deforestation, the felled trees are burnt. This has the consequence of allowing the release of detrimental carbon emissions in to the atmosphere, which contributes to the global warming of the planet. The trees that are harvested for Oakwoods flooring, on the other hand, are thoughtfully processed before being installed for commercial and domestic use. This means that the harmful carbon which was originally absorbed by the tree is never released, and therefore does not have the damaging impact that a burnt tree would. Also, when maintained properly, hardwood flooring has the ability to last a life time, unlike many other products which are on the market, eliminating their need to be replaced. Even a worn hardwood floor does not necessitate being changed, as they can instead be refinished and rejuvenated, extending their life span even further.

Wood flooring is also an excellent choice for the environment due to its high level of efficiency throughout the process of manufacture. Furthermore, wood flooring is a much eco-friendlier alternative to products such as plastic, concretes, and metal ceramics, which require an energy-intensive production.

Oakwoods also has a low carbon mileage due to the location of our warehouse in relation to the Couriers Hub and Spoke System. Additionally, most of our flooring goes directly from the manufacturer to the customer, thereby reducing our motorway mileage.

We also strive to reduce the amount of packaging we use, and have achieved this through the utilisation of innovative, simplified packing composed of recycled un-bleached card, which is also easily re-usable.

All of our flooring products comply fully with the European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR). As a reflection of our commitment to promoting the responsible management of the forests of the world, some of our products are either PEFC® or FSC®-Certified. We strongly believe in transparency and the FSC® trademark guarantees each link in the chain back to the forest is FSC-Certified, so they can be certain that they are supporting responsible forestry management which safeguards future generations.

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Oakwoods Flooring & Accessories hold an FSC Promotional Licence in order to promote finished and labelled FSC certified products. We do not hold FSC chain of custody certification and are therefore unable to pass on an FSC claim through our sales and delivery documents.